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Event Planning & Management

Yanique and the team begin by determining what inspires you—from the interiors that you love to your sense of style. Armed with this information, it's then time to design every detail of your wedding with your unique taste in mind.

We know the planning process can be both exciting and overwhelming. The Plush Events team works closely with each of our couples to bring their vision to life and to exceed all expectations. We approach each event with fresh creativity and enthusiasm—no two weddings are ever the same! Additionally, our decades of combined industry experience ensure no detail is left undone. 

We offer a variety of planning and coordination services to make your dream tropical, Jamaican wedding a reality. The following are services that we offer, but are not limited to the list below.

Planning: Services
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Complete Event Planning 

The key to creating a successful event is to have someone there who you can assist you from concept to execution. Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or fleshed-out concept, we can help bring your vision to life. All details are handled in-house so your wedding week is not spent worrying about timelines and deliveries. Our talented staff will deliver guest gift bags, coordinate travel to and from the airport, and happily assist with any and every other detail.

Planning: Services

Event Execution & Logistics

We are responsible for making sure the wedding day or weekend is executed perfectly. Our roles include overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and overcoming any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities. Our talented team can take away stress and even hide problems that pop up so the couple can focus on enjoying their wedding guests and taking in every moment of their wedding day.


Planning: Services

Event Design

Hand in hand with event planning is event design. These two elements of successful event preparation are closely linked, but are fundamentally two separate parts of the procedure.

During the event design process we focus on the décor, style and aesthetics of an event. It’s about creating a vision and then designing all the visual details to transform a venue into that dream. 

Like any other concept of design and décor the purpose of event designing here is to catch the eye of the attendees. It is an acquired skill that we apply to make your event stand-out amongst the others.

Planning: Services
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Budget Management

Budgeting is one of, if not the most, important part of event management. We work with our clients to create a realistic budget to guarantee that resources are allocated wisely. Estimating costs for venue rentals, food and beverage, audiovisual equipment, decor, staffing, and other relevant expenses is part of the process.

We maintain effective financial management throughout the event planning process that aids in the tracking of spending, cost control, and assuring the event's financial viability.

Planning: Services
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Group Travel Concierge 

We not only plan your events, we also cater to all the travel and activity needs once you arrive in Jamaica. Our team has a deep knowledge of all the elements that go into a successful trip to the island. That means the transport available, the local landmarks, and what restaurants and bars are worth visiting.

The services that we offer to each client are very different, and it's difficult to specify a common list. However, the below are some frequently offered services:

  • Airport round trip transfers

  • Offsite group tours and excursions

  • Onsite group activities

  • Dinner reservations

  • Everyday assistance

Planning: Services
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