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Event Production & Design

Structural, Special Effects & Decor Elements

Event production is the technological and creative execution of an event using sound, lighting, video, design, and more to control the atmosphere, mood, and emotion of attendees. Our event producers will work with clients to identify the concept of the event, and subsequently plan the logistics and technical components, including audiovisuals, vendors, crew, equipment, budgets, and more.

Our team will take your vision for the wedding and make it a magnificent reality by developing the ultimate event using color schemes, floral and decor options, structural elements and special effects.  

We will create an event where come the end of the night no one will want to leave and everyone will agree it was the best wedding they have ever attended.

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In preparing for an event there are so many things that find their way on to your To-Do checklist. One of those very important things – before you can decide anything else – is where you are going to hold the event! Sure, there are banquet halls, conference centers, homes, parks, etc. One of the best and most versatile options, most useful options that is using a tent. There are so many benefits to using tents for events, such as detailed customisation to fit your needs and climate control if you are looking for a more indoor-type of feel for your party guests.

Our tents range in sizes and may be transformed to conform to your preferred design.

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Staging and Dance Floors

If you’re planning an event that requires specifically-designed staging, then you’ve come to the right place, because our event staging and dance floor services are one of the best in Jamaica!

Our selection of event staging includes performance stage design, led screen stage design, indoor or outdoor stage design, scene design and stage lighting, band staging, DJ risers and much more. 

Our dance floors are available in different shapes, designs and sizes that are convenient for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

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Special Effects

Do you want to give a special touch to your event? Adding special effects can create an experience unlike any other for your audience while also elevating your guest experience.   

We supply you with a variety of creative and stunning special effects solutions for your event. These include the following:

  • Cold Sparklers

  • Low Lying Fog Machines

  • Snow Machines

  • Foam Machines

  • Bubble Machines

  • Strobe Lights & Lasers

  • Gobo Machines

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Floral and Decor

Floral designers and wedding professionals share a harmonious synergy. We collaborate with the best floral designers on the island to curate cohesive themes and designs that seamlessly blend with the overall event aesthetic.

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